There are different ways today to protect yourself or your sexual partners against HIV. These include talking about risk, taking PEP or PrEP, or for HIV positive gay and bisexual men maintaining an 'undetectable viral load’ (UVL).

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Speaking the Same Language

There are many terms, acronyms and phrases, on apps, in personal ads or texting, emails and play spaces which imply someone might be HIV positive or negative, Hep-C positive or negative or assume the other guy is positive or negative.

Talking about HIV and HCV status is easier for some guys than others. Assuming someone's status or relying on guys to know or disclose their status will put you and your partners at risk for HIV and/or HCV. Are you sure you and your fuck buddy are talking about the same thing?

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Positive Life Treatment Officers 1800 245 677

If you are HIV positive and have any questions about HIV and sex, please call one of our registered nurses on (02) 9206-2177.

  • Brad - HIV negative, says managing HIV stigma and safe sex is a shared responsibility.
  • Bruce explains how his plans changed when drugs and a third person were involved.
  • Rik, an older pos gay man, says good sex and playing safe is about communicating with each other.
  • Stu talks about knowing your limits in bareback pos-pos sex, testing for STDs and 'undetectable' viral load.