There are different ways to protect yourself or your sexual partners against HIV. Some of these strategies suit some people more than others. Some are easier to manage than others.

PrEP and PEP

For guys who do not have HIV there are two main pharmaceutical (medicine-based) ways to protect yourself against HIV. Both use a form of prophylaxis – which means to prevent the spread of an infection or disease.

PrEP (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) is for gay and bisexual men who are at risk of getting HIV.

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PEP (or post-exposure prophylaxis) is for anyone who has been exposed to HIV.

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Controlling the Risk and UVL

It’s easy to make assumptions about HIV, Hep C or other STIs. All gay and bisexual men can control the risk to our own health and our partners’ health.

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For guys who are HIV positive or Hep C positive and want to know more about protecting your sexual partners, keeping your own health safe is one of the main ways to make sure your partners are safe from HIV.

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If you are HIV positive and have any questions about HIV and sex, please call one of our registered nurses on (02) 9206-2177.